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Recruitment Drives are carried out annually to encourage persons to volunteer for the program.

A group activity is done on a quarterly basis. To date group activities done by Big Brothers/Big Sis...

About Big Brothers / Big Sisters of the British Virgin Islands

The Social Development’s Big Brother/ Big Sister Youth Mentorship Programme offers children between the ages of 6 and 16 the opportunity to foster strong and lasting relationships with older persons who in turn provide positive guidance and companionship.


  1. To provide children with a positive role model.
  2. To encourage positive social interaction and companionship between children and heir mentors.
  3. To ensure adequtate personal development and life skills socialization for children at risk.
  4. To offer a support system for parents who may be unable to provide all psychological and/or emotional support and attention that their children require.
  5. To enrich the lives of adults through service to their community while giving then a sense of fulfillment.


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